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What Makes Camp Hillel So Great?

Camp Hillel is a one of a kind summer experience in Los Angeles. Located in Beverly Hillls, it is one of the largest day camps in Los Angeles! This incredible program is brought to life by creative directors and cultivated by incredible staff, the experience your child will have is unparalleled! Camp Hillel strives to instill a strong sense of Jewish identity in each camper, through the learning of Torah, Mitzvos, and Middos. Camp Hillel employees are incredible individuals, who want to see each and every camper grow, and hope to help your children love their roots! The Camp Hillel Directors are on a mission to bring to life the amazing aspects of Judaism through incredible events, experiences, and entertainment! Their love for each camper ensures that your child will have a blast and will be reminding you of the fun they had at Camp Hillel for the entire school year to come!

We hope that you will join us this summer, and we can't wait to meet you!

- Camp Hillel Family

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