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Meet The Directors

Director Morah Rivkah Moorvitch


Morah Rivkah is the incredible director for the cutest Camp Hillel division! Rivkah joined Camp Hillel in 2019, bringing years of experience in both summer camps and schools. She is a school principal and an experienced camp director! She is so excited to once again infuse our camp with her warmth and energy, in addition to the unique and enriching program Camp Hillel offers! From magic shows, special visitors, amazing crafts and science experiments, Rivkah has a love for all things camp and is most looking forward to the campers!

Director Rabbi JJ Duchman, LCSW


Rabbi JJ is the creative mind behind all of the amazing experiences and events at Camp Hillel. He is the director for the boys and girls divisions and he strives to find fun and engaging ways to inspire his campers to reach their full potential. Each day of camp will bring jam-packed activities, field-trips, Torah learning, Middot Tovot, and much more! In a year where our children have been through so much, Rabbi JJ plans to go "all out" for the campers of 2024! Get ready for the most amazing and best summer yet! Come on board!!

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